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Helloooo, Animaniacs fans! yakko here to introduce Animaniacs $toons – the zippy new token on Solana! After a bit of a stumble by the original dev, our fantastic community, brimming with the energy of a cartoon chase scene, took the reins! We're all about fun, innovation, and a pinch of mischief. Join us as we turn this adventure into a blockbuster hit, Maniac-style!

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for something completely different!

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Psst, hey buddy! wakko in the house with the lowdown on $TOONS tokenomics! We've got a cool 1 billion $TOONS in play, but here's the kicker - 100% of the LP is burned, making it super secure! And guess what? No more minting madness; mint auth is totally revoked. Now that's what I call toon-tastic Tokenonomics!

name: $toons

supply: 999M

lp burned: 100%

tax: 0% Buy/sell

mint authority revoked

Ownership renounced

(apparently, the original dev treated launch like a microwave dinner—just hit start and hope for the best—kaboom!)

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Hellooo, darling! It's Dot, the cutest of the animaniacs, here to share a little secret! Our amazing community is spreading its wings across all sorts of lovely places. Whether it's sharing giggles, updates, or just showing off our fabulous selves, we're all over! Join our family, won't you? After all, what's a star without her adoring fans?

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as you can clearly observe, we've parked ourselves right at this exciting juncture! If my calculations are correct – and they always are – we're on the brink of a trajectory that goes zoom straight to the moon! Hold onto your seats, 'cause it's gonna be a wild and wacky ride!

we are here!

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$TOONS tokens are not securities, investment products, or endorsed by any financial institutions. Ownership and trading of $TOONS carry inherent risks and are entirely at the user's discretion.

$TOONS is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or associated with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Animaniacs, or their related entities. Any references are for creative homage only and imply no official connection.

All associated artwork with $TOONS tokens originates purely from fan art contributions and holds no official status or endorsement from original creators or copyright holders.

Users should exercise due diligence when investing in the crypto space.